Hi, I'm Tapeworm and love to make monsters that are purely flesh and teeth! I work in silicone, resin, bones, leather, paint, markers, whatever I feel like.
Most of my drawn works are NSFW, mostly containing gore and nudity. For my physical pieces, it's just good ol' body horror

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Starting price: $25Simpler and thicker linessimplified styleCan be flat colors or shadeddigital onlysingle charactertransparent backgrounds

Cell shaded
Starting price: $35digital onlyMore complex and thinner linework than minissolid color, gradient or transparent backgroundextra characters are an extra 75% of costmore complex designs (excessive limbs/ complex markings) add extra cost depending on complexity

Fancy Linework
Base price: $100full body or bustSolid background or gradient at no costany other background costs depend on complexitycolors or shading are an extra $7, more complex colors/markings affect the extra cost depending on their complexity.extra characters are an extra 75% of total costif traditional: can be done in ballpoint, fineliner, brush pen, or fountain pen

Painted shading
starting at: $120Digital onlysolid, transparent, or gradient backgrounds are no costsimpler backgrounds are an additional $10More complex designs (excessive limbs/complex markings) add extra cost depending on complexityextra characters are an extra 75% of cost

Full illustration
starting at $200Digital only (for now)complex background (a mix of painted and lined)Backgrounds with smaller details (Such as the example on the right) add an extra cost depending on complexityMore complex designs (Excessive limbs/complex markings) add extra cost depending on complexityExtra characters are an extra 75% to costpayment plans available for this option

Contact: for any sort of questions and inquiry are to be directed to lavalampbelly@gmail.com

Invoices are sent to collect payment, do not send payment on your own.I will not start on the piece until it is payed in full, or, if discussed, a down payment has been received.With larger pieces, payment plans can be made, but client will not get the final piece until it’s payed in full
I do not offer refunds once a piece is completed, or on any sketch piecespartial refunds can be offered on unfinished pieces. The amount of work done is subtracted from the refund amount (example, half done, half refunded).
I do not take revisions on sketches and linework piecesAny revisions to design, composition, etc. are to be requested during the sketch, once the lines are started, I cannot make any changes.any smaller changes can be made at any time if they’re pointed out soon enough.
While monsters and horror are my specialty, I can draw a variety of different subjects.However, due to how my skills are specialized, I cannot draw inorganic characters.
There are also subjects that I absolutely Will Not draw, these include, but are not limited to: pedo (or any nsfw of minors), noncon, incest, bestiality, etc.
If you have any questions as to what nsfw stuff I will draw, don’t be afraid to ask.